While YouTube has more than 4 billion views every single day, businesses still don’t put a lot of their budget into creating videos. Videos are searchable, and after Google, YouTube is the biggest search engine on the Internet. Even if you’re not using YouTube as one of your video marketing services, it makes sense to create videos for your marketing campaigns and place them on your website or another platform such as Facebook. These are some ideas for online video marketing that can be used by your business.


Video storytelling is a good way to share the company’s mission statement, origin story or the company’s values in relation to its customers. Potential customers like to hear the back story about a company before they make purchases. A video can help share your branding story with potential customers in a light and amusing way in which they can relate. A digital marketing company such as modmar creative consultants can help with the tone and style of properly branding the message you want to convey.

About Us and Explainers

Complex products and about pages can benefit from videos. Many websites have at least one video to explain their products or provide solutions for their customers from hardware stores with DIY videos to soda companies with factory tours. Customers like to hear how things are made, or need directions and suggestions on how to use products. In today’s digital world it is almost impossible to market your business without a video visual aid.

Search Engine Ranking

To drive traffic and increase search engine ranking, YouTube, which is owned by Google, can work to garner page views as well as convert the traffic from the video to the company’s website or wherever else the company would like to direct traffic. A well produced video can bring in steady and increased traffic for years to come. Good content lives forever and can continue to convert into new business if executed properly.


If you decide to invest in an online video marketing campaign it can direct traffic to other videos or the business’ website. It can be a portion of the entire advertising budget, which can drive traffic from many places directly where you want it.

Control the Pace

With many other campaigns like banners or written content, viewers can skim without engaging with the content at all. With video, you’re taking the viewer on the journey you want them to take.

Video marketing services should include the design as well as analytics that will help track the overall success of the marketing campaign.

If you need help with your online marketing presence or video marketing services feel free to reach out to modmar today!


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