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What comes to mind when you hear the word MARKETING?  Are you sick to your stomach, do you feel anxiety, do you feel like your business is “faking it”. We get it and you are not alone!

Marketing is scary, expensive and unfortunately sometimes a disaster.

You’re glad we’re here!

modmar is a strategic marketing consulting firm located in Dallas, Texas. We have a better approach to marketing, we call it MODERN MARKETING, you’ll call it RESULTS.  We are a team of passionate professionals that have done their time in corporate America and joined the movement of the American start up.

We are passionate about cutting through the menusha and using the amazing technology available to promote, represent, grow and protect your business.  We do not make promises that we can’t keep and we never, ever say marketing is simple, easy or cheap!

We do produce results and heal marketing wounds by using our experience to create solid marketing strategy and implementation plans. We believe in quality over quantity and we think you will agree with our methods.

We specialize in companies with complex products and services that are late to take the leap into the digital world.  We want to be your marketing department and our unique team of professionals will change your view of marketing. We believe that our clients invest in modmar and we invest in their business.  This belief is why we only work with a select group of local clients that line up with our values.

Our clients become our business, we operate as their marketing department.  Although we embrace technology and all of its power and conveniences, our clients know we are only 10 to 60 minutes away (depending on Dallas traffic).  We are local serving North Texas clients and frankly, we could not ask for more!

Marketing is not a sprint or a marathon, it’s a Broadway production!

The complex moving parts that make up a modern marketing plan require serious skills!

Did you know?

The average business with 50 employees uses 13 different marketing technologies.

These usually cost money. Who manages your digital marketing tools to make sure you get the most out of your investment? The average company with 50 employees does not employ a full time experienced marketing professional with digital credentials.

What is inbound marketing?

Inbound marketing is implementation of marketing strategies in such a way that your customers will find you easily and come to you for your services. It is exactly opposite to marketing strategies which help you to reach out or “cold call” your potential customers. Inbound marketing is considered much more goal oriented and cost effective in generating leads. These marketing strategies fetch you with real customers on whom you would target specifically and make them return time and time again and remain loyal.

Such marketing strategies save you from investing your efforts on people who are not your potential customers. Only those customers with an intention to make purchases or hire services will ask for your valuable time.

Some of the tools we use:modmar modern marketing solutions


Our mission:

Our mission is to help you in developing a long term trusting relationship with your customers through various inbound and automated marketing tools. We aim to provide strategic and quality content for your online campaigns which will exert a pull on your potential customers and retain your current customers.

Sale oriented services:

modmar provides inbound marketing services which are purely sales oriented and target the real necessities of your business. Our expert and experienced team members evaluate the results produced by each and every marketing initiative which we took. This evaluation will ensure that our strategies remain transparent for you to know the real return on every penny you invest.

We develop partnerships with businesses of all sizes that have the same passion as ours.

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