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Let me be the first to tell you that I have tried almost all marketing strategies out there. And, every time my efforts failed. Then I realized I am not a marketing expert so I decided to leave marketing my business to the professionals at modular creative consultants. I am now in the second stage of our marketing plan and have seen amazing feedback from my clients. I have great expectations for my business & know I will get there with modmar creative consultants- mark my words!


What can I say? I was once a sceptic for hiring a "marketing agency" but my experiance with modmar felt like a professional yet personal one-on-one experience. . A close friend of mine gave me a link to and my business has been thriving ever since. I have never been more pleased with a consultant company and I would recommend it to all colleagues and friends I come in contact with. 


A bright light at the end of what felt like an eternity of failed marketing attempts came in shape of a modmar business card I was handed. I have struggled in my past business endeavors with marketing, but now I know I did not have the right team running my digital marketing plan. I am extremely grateful I was introduced to the team at modmar creative consultants!


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