With over 15 years of experience as a press release writing service, we know a thing or two about a proper press release.  Here are five things to help you know when you need a press release.

1. Who Cares?

When deciding whether or not to write a press release, have a clear vision of your intended recipient. Who reads your release is vital to gaining the traction needed to make news. Ask yourself, who do I want to open this press release and why do they care? Once they read the release, what do I want them to do with this information?

2. News is Usually New

Does the press release announce something new and different? Journalists and bloggers are skimmers by nature, so they’re always on the hunt for NEW. Make sure your news is truly newsworthy. Nothing is more aggravating to a journalist than something old and known being re-released as news.

3. However, Something Old Can Be News Again!

People rehash and re-purpose articles all the time, sometimes adding a new spin or just releasing for further reach. That is not the case with press releases, if a similar press release is already out there and was originated by you or someone at your company, ask yourself what is new, what changed and why is this news again?

4. The Early Bird Gets the Worm

In the case of events or dated material, you need to make sure you get the press release out with plenty of time to spare. For example, if you are hosting a charity dinner and it’s only a day or two away, it’s best to turn your efforts toward social media to try to entice last-minute attendees. The press release should be sent out at about the same time as the invitations. Another great way to use press releases is a follow-up to an event to announce outcomes of awards, money raised, or notable speakers, guest and reactions that strengthen the goal of the event.

5. Are you ready to make some news?

After taking these suggestions into consideration, if you feel a press release is a right fit, be sure you do it justice. It’s better to use a casual communication medium like social media if you are not comfortable writing a good press release or hire a press release writing service. A properly written, timely press release can be a powerful tool and help your business create the buzz it needs to see results. Here at modmar creative consultants, we believe that businesses should embrace press releases as part of their content strategy. Do you have some news? Contact us today for press release writing services and let’s spread the word!


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